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Managing the geriatric small animal - a Physiotherapy perspective

Many of our canine companions survive well into old age, and the geriatric dog is becoming more common. Many physical, physiological, and cognitive changes occur in elderly dogs. The role of Physiotherapy in managing chronic pain is challenging, but its use can be extremely beneficial in managing many of the physical problems associated with ageing. Physiotherapy aims to restore function and movement and therefore assist with pain management whilst treating the patient as a whole system rather than a localised painful focus. Owner involvement is key to assessment and treatment. This approach must always be multimodal incorporating several specialists to bring the best benefits. 


Australian physiotherapists are highly skilled practitioners who use scientific evidence based research to manage and improve pain. They are the musculoskeletal experts, however they also treat neuropathic pain and neurological conditions. In this webinar we will discuss what occurs in the ageing process, and how Physiotherapists assess and treat small animals in the geriatric age group. Physiotherapists can empower owners to be able to care for their geriatric animal including managing risk factors in the home environment, to provide optimum management. 

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20.00 AEST