Vax - A - Nation 



Vax - A - Nation 

Duration: 0:48 h
Speaker: Matt Buchanan-Pascall
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We all know we need to vaccinate our dogs but most of us have never stopped to ask a few basic questions... like why? Against what? How does it work? Do I really need to? What would happen if I didn't? Well, let's get the bottom of it all!

Recording from 29.11.2017

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Matt Buchanan-Pascall

BVSc, Clinic Owner, Veterinarian

Dr Matt is a the head vet and owner of two veterinary hospitals in New South Wales. He has a passion for surgery and animal welfare and has led multiple veterinary based trips to developing countries throughout the world to help local street dogs and cats. Dr Matt firmly believes that a good relationship between owners, their fur children and their vet is paramount to making our pets as happy and healthy as possible!

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